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C. E.


Having grown up staying at Johnny Seesaw’s in the 70’s (and my parents before that), I was thrilled to go back with my wife and two young boys about ten years ago.  Our first day, we skied at Bromley with our older son and put the youngest in daycare at Mighty Moose.  

When we were done skiing, we went to pick up our son and the young woman told us that he had just gone down to sleep.  She asked us where we were staying.  When we told her Johnny Seesaw’s, she quickly gave us a Motorola walkie talkie and said she would buzz us when he woke up!  We enjoyed some quality apres ski back at Seesaw’s that day! Could not think of another place where that would happen. 

Bromley is the most chill family mountain and I am totally psyched for Seesaw’s apres ski with the fire pit and views.  Can’t wait.